9th June, 2014

Your Destiny

15th June to 16th July, 2014

Mesha (Aries) Rashi

(14th April to 14th May)

This month you are likely to develop a good amount of confidence and faith. This will help you to work hard and concentrate on specific objectives. Notwithstanding some opposition from Govt authorities and faulty Govt policies you are likely to protect your official interests and become financially somewhat comfortable. Your greatest asset will be the blessings of the elderly family members you are likely to enjoy. You, your spouse and children are likely to work hard despite some health irks.

Vrisha (Taurus) Rashi

(15th May to 15th June)

This month you are likely to display unusual charm and amenability and win over one and all in your circle. Your hard work and dynamic approach in official matters are likely to give you more satisfaction than the usual impediments and difficulties which will have no teeth to bite. Self satisfaction will be your trump card.

Financially you are likely to be a big buyer without looking into your purse. Your health and the health of the spouse will remain protected and provide good protection to your children notwithstanding their some unease moments. Do not look for emotional and sensual enjoyments and escape frustration.

Mithuna (Gemini) Rashi

(15th June to 16th July)

This month more money in your pocket, affectionate and loving social circle are likely to play a magic to keep your official difficulties, impediments and domestic crunches packed up in your backyard. Cautious driving, proper watch over the health of the children and spouse need to be ensured.

Karkata (Cancer) Rashi

(16th July to 16th August)

You are likely to become more popular and respectable. The use of this public status to make some illegal transaction is likely to create unusual problems and affect your reputation. Avoid unusual familiarity with the opposite sex in official circle to escape from serious difficulties in official matters. Your health will be quite satisfactory. The health of the children and spouse will need more care but will remain well protected in totality. Financially you are likely to be in tight spot and any attempt made to make more money through illegal means is likely to lead you in greater difficulties.

Simha (Leo) Rashi

(16th August to 16th September)

This month your social circle is likely to expand which is likely to make you more popular and respectable but will entail much expenditure than that what you can afford. Bold and courageous initiatives in official matters are likely to prove counter-productive.  Avoid these in your own interests. Financially you will be more charitable and spendthrift and eventually get into tight spot to your disadvantage. Your health, the health of the spouse and children will not be fully satisfactory and may need more care. Some good news and gains from distant places may be expected.

Kanya (Virgo) Rashi

(17th September to 17th October)

There will be high activity at work and some positive success may be expected in this context. Despite increase in income you are likely to remain financially in tight spot. Your health, the health of the spouse and the health of the children will be somewhat under pressure.


Tula (Libra) Rashi

(17th October to 16th November)

You are likely to become highly ambitious to expand your business and improve your career prospects and despite many impediments and difficulties you are likely to make some sort of business and achieve your objectives ultimately in the coming months. In financial matters you are likely to be under much pressure but you will be able to manage to your satisfaction despite some losses in some form. Your health and the health of the spouse and children will need more care. Despite differences with friends and relatives they are likely to remain helpful to you. There is a possibility of some litigation. Try to avoid it. No successful purpose will be served because your friends and relatives are likely to remain helpful to you for a quite long time. Those will be your assets. Avoid temporary differences.

Vrischika (Scorpio) Rashi

(16th November to 15th December)

This month some setback in career is feared but your social respect and self-confidence will be much enhanced.

You are likely to suffer some loss on purchase or sale of your property or other assets. Be careful. You are likely to undertake some long distance journey and may be benefited in this context in some way.

Your domestic atmosphere is likely to become somewhat vitiated. Distribute some sweets to devotees on Tuesdays and Saturdays to avoid any major difficulty in domestic matters or sale or purchase of assets.

Your health and the health of spouse and children may not be fully satisfactory. Some important person in your circle is likely to be distressed. Children may, however, do you some pride.

Dhanus (Sagittarius) Rashi

(16th December to 14th January)

You are likely to be much in the news. Your friends and relatives may face rough weather and become your useful patrons towards the end of the month.

In official matters you have to perform hard duty to enforce discipline which will vitiate your official and domestic atmosphere but do not get nervous as it will be necessary to do this hard work for your better career prospects. Even in case you are pulled up by your own higher authorities, take it easy as such an act will have magical impact on your future prospects. Your health and the health of spouse and children will need more care but no major trouble is feared. You are likely to enjoy some sensual pleasures and society life also.

Makara (Capricorn) Rashi

(14th January to 13th February)

Your remarkable management at work and at home will do a big job to regulate your official and domestic matters to enhance your all-round reputation and make living more comfortable.

Financially you will be somewhat tight so what, the advantages will accrue in future. Your friends and relatives will do you much pride to enhance your reputation. Your health, the health of the spouse and children will be generally satisfactory. Birth of a child or some new emotional attachment may be expected.

Kumbha (Aquarius) Rashi

(13th February to 14th March)

This month you are likely to manage your domestic, official and financial matters in a remarkable way. If you recite Gayatri Mantra everyday this month you will do a very good job for your future prospects.

Your health, the health of the spouse and children will need more care. Recitation of Gayatri Mantra will be sufficient to take care of this aspect. You are likely to make living more comfortable and easy. You may also acquire some valuable and decorative assets.


Meena (Pisces) Rashi

(14th March to 13th April)

This month challenging developments at work are creating financial mismanagement may disappear

if you recite five Mala of Gayatri Mantra everyday. You are likely to achieve your official objectives even if the system may try to deny you the success if you recite the Gayatri Manra. You are likely to overcome all your official difficulties and receive the finances from the required quarters with the recitation of this Mantra.

Keep your work within bounds. Avoid over-work. Take proper care of your health. Even if some suspense arises take it in a regular way. Do not take out your resources or seek financial aid from elders.

Recite the above Mantra. Success in career together with the resources required to start your work are likely to arrive at your home. Take care of your health and the health of the spouse and the rest you seek from God as explained above.

Om Tat Sat

Lachhman Das Madan