Your Destiny

14th March to 14th April, 2014


Mesha (Aries) Rashi

(14th April to 14th May)

This month you are likely to be accused of some illegal activities or corrupt practices. Any investment made in your own business or for boosting career prospects may prove counter-productive. Any help sought from associates and spouse in resolving official problems is unlikely to resolve the problems. On the contrary it may make the problems more complicated.

Despite increase in income you are likely to remain in tight spot. The Govt, its policies and higher authorities are unlikely to prove helpful. Some sort of censure or penalty cannot be ruled out. Your health and the health of your children will need more care. The health of the spouse will be generally satisfactory but will not be free from irks.

Some difficulties with the patrons and inspiring friends is likely to crop up.

Vrisha (Taurus) Rashi

(15th May to 15th June)

Some impediments and difficulties in the official matters are likely to crop up. You are likely to work very hard and display much prudence in official matters and overcome the difficulties.

Some difficulties in receiving your financial dues through distant places or Govt or partners are likely to crop up but in totality you will be satisfied with your financial status and performance. Some gains through estate or property may be expected.

Some inconvenience while travelling to distant places is feared. Your health will be generally satisfactory but not free from irks. The health of the children and spouse will need more care. Some of the elderly members in the family and patronsí health may cause you some concern also.

Mithuna (Gemini) Rashi

(15th June to 16th July)

There will be very high activities at work but technical problems are likely to crop up which may deny the full satisfaction. You are likely to handle the problems prudently and your official reputation is likely to be well sustained. To achieve full satisfaction you have to consider reorganizing the functioning and improve the domestic environments.

Socially you are likely to become more popular and respectable. Pilgrimage and travelling may be expected.

Financially you are unlikely to be fully satisfied but will not be under pressure.

You are likely to enjoy good health. The health of the children is likely to need more care. Spouse is likely to suffer from some sort of illness but no major trouble is feared.

Karkata (Cancer) Rashi

(16th July to 16th August)

This month you are unlikely to give full attention to your official and business matters and may keep the ends loose in most of the cases to your disadvantage. Some of your bold initiatives are likely to prove counter-productive and may cause you some setback. Some protection may be available to hold on and unless you move fast to tie the loose ends you are likely to suffer in some way. Feed black dogs to overcome the problems and work hard to achieve your official objectives.

The domestic atmosphere is also likely to become highly vitiated. Some loss on account of estate and transport matters is also feared. Financially you will be under pressure and still display charitable disposition.Control your purse effectively. Your health and the health of other members of the family is unlikely to be fully satisfactory but will enjoy some protection to cause any major setback.

Recite the following mantra everyday.

Simha (Leo) Rashi

(16th August to 16th September)

This month you are likely to become much inclined to enjoy sensual pleasures and society life and may even try to undertake group pleasant travelling to your disadvantage from all aspects. Unless you take extra precautions to exercise full control over yourself and concentrate on official and domestic matters you are likely to repent. In case you are unable to exercise control in this respect observe fast on all Fridays and worship Santoshi Mata.

This month income is likely to increase but it is all likely to be spent on unproductive matters and enjoyment of life to your disadvantage.

Your health, the health of the children and even the health of the elderly members is likely to be under pressure in one way or the other. Some important elderly member is likely to be distressed.

There is also a possibility of picking quarrels with friends and relatives. This will further vitiate the environments. Man is the architect of oneís destiny. Be careful and avoid disputes and debates.

In case of health problems it is possible that the disease may not be correctly diagnosed. You should take extra care to consult a competent doctor.

Kanya (Virgo) Rashi

(17th September to 17th October)

This month you are likely to become highly interested in expanding your business and improving your career prospects. Govt and higher authorities or Govt policies are likely to become unhelpful. Some tension on this account is, however, feared despite your consistent and conscious approach to maintain good rapport with the authorities and the concerned institutions. Despite several obstructions and impediments some positive success in this respect may be expected.

You are likely to feel intense desire to develop unusual relationship in emotional matters which may adversely affect your marital life and social respect.

Financially you will be under pressure but through prudence and effective management you are likely to feel satisfied with your status and performance. Any attempt made to make money through speculation is likely to prove counter-productive.

Domestic atmosphere is likely to become somewhat vitiated but, in totality, you are likely to manage it to your satisfaction.

Your health and the health of the children and spouse will not be fully satisfactory but no major setback is feared.

Tula (Libra) Rashi
(Age group 59-60 years)

(17th October to 16th November)

This is indeed a very challenging month but you are likely to deal with each problem very effectively with prudence and confidence and enjoy Godís grace.

Serious difficulties and impediments may crop up in career, finances, health matters, family affairs, rapport with friends and relatives and even chances of litigation may crop up but on account of your self-confidence, prudence, effective handling all these will be resolved to your satisfaction. It will appear as God has already placed the remedies at your disposal to resolve these. You are likely to realize Godís help in every problem and at all stages. A new era of God realization may perhaps be realized. It is likely to appear a strange month of Godís realization. Before the trouble arises the remedy will be in your hand. A rare configuration of planets in this Rashi people who are likely to realize Godís grace and may gradually become great devotees. The impact and the quantum may be different in each case but you all are likely to get inspired souls to rejuvenate the mankind slowly and gradually from this month onward in some form.

Vrischika (Scorpio) Rashi

(16th November to 15th December)

This month you are unlikely to give full attention to your official work which may cause you some embarrassment. Some embarrassment is also feared on account of emotional and children affairs.

The domestic atmosphere will become highly vitiated and somewhat threatening. Sale and purchase of property or other assets may cause you some unusual difficulties but you may be able to sustain your financial credibility. Some good news and financial gains may be expected from distant places.

Your friends, associates, partners and spouse are likely to give you much support to sustain your market and social credibility.

Your health and the health of the children will need more care. The spouse will enjoy good health.

Dhanus (Sagittarius) Rashi

(15th December to 14th January)

This month you are likely to become more powerful, popular and take effective measures to ensure discipline at work and take measures to handle effectively anticipative difficulties in official matters. Your opponents will be weak and ineffective and your effective measures are likely to give them the crushing defeat in any competition or conspiracy.

You are likely to improve your financial position. Financial gains from distant places may also be expected. Your friends, relatives and patrons may also give you much help to make you more popular and financially sound.

Your health and the health of the spouse will be generally satisfactory. The children will do you pride but their health may need more care.

Makara (Capricorn) Rashi

(14th January to 13th February)

This month you are likely to become more amenable, receptive, imaginative and resourceful. You are likely to play a leading role to bring some sort of unity in undertaking some unusual activity and achieve resounding success in this context. You are likely to display much leadership qualities in achieving remarkable success in your project. Friends and subordinates will become more helpful and sincere.

Despite some wasteful expenditure financially you will be quite satisfied with your status and performance and enjoy a good deal of social respect and market credibility.

Your health and the health of the spouse and children will be generally satisfactory.

Kumbha (Aquarius) Rashi

(13th February to 14th March)

This month you are likely to make remarkable changes in your organizational functioning which may bring you much credit in improving your official functioning. Even you may introduce some new systems and equipments in official functioning.

In undertaking the above activity you are likely to incur heavy expenditure which may be more than your normal income and yet you may not be under financial pressure. You will be satisfied with your resources and performance.

Unless you regulate your working hours your health is likely to come under pressure. The health of your spouse, partners and associates may need more care. The children will enjoy good health. Some important person in your circle is likely to be distressed in accident or travelling.

Meena (Pisces) Rashi

(14th March to 13th April)

This month suddenly some unusual difficulties are likely to crop up at work which tends to give a major setback to your work. These difficulties may be due to the working force or damage to work place. There is a possibility of some sort of stoppage of work or the system. You may be out on duty or preferring to be away for some time. You are likely to take full responsibility and ensure continuity of work or in the event of some setback you are likely to stage a spectacular comeback and enhance your respect and protect your official reputation.

Financially you are likely to be under pressure but are likely to scrap through.

Your health, the health of the spouse and children will be under pressure requiring more care.

Taking one meal on every Tuesday and Saturday and avoiding non-vegetarian food will prove helpful. Reciting one mala of the following mantra everyday will be helpful.

Om Tat Sat

Lachhman Das Madan