Will USA Congress shut Down the Govt

On 26th Sept 2013 militants from Pakistan attacked.Ttri stormed police station & army camp Killed 13 in twin terror   strike including one Lt Colonel in J&K.


While Indian & Pakistan Prime Ministers had been already decided for meeting to prevent such attacks and the atmosphere felt to be heading towards reconciliation.

Through planetary configuration I had already foreseen militant attack and the murder of Govt authorities in the following

Forecasts in  vol 358 & on our web site babjee.info

INDIA The planetary configurations reveal that within a period of about one month from 5th September, 2013 militant attack and attack on Govt and important authorities, violence in which many Govt authorities are likely to be distressed are feared.

Much tension will persist in foreign affairs and some differences with some allies and neighboring countries are likely to crop up

(Uploaded on web site on 14th Sept 2013)


INDIA -Foreign Affairs


The planetary configurations reveal that from 6th September, 2013 when some sort of military operations etc are likely to be thrust on us.  (Vol 358 released  on 31st July.2013)


Early morning one retired Brigadier and & Colonel together came running to me to commend my prediction they felt  if my predictions had not been published more casualties would have had taken place & damage would have been more severe. They were also keen to know weather USA congress will shut down the USA Govt  because of their differences with the Govt on various issues such as the GOVT  has been doing exceedingly well in handling economy and help other countries. After looking into the Planetary configurations I found that the USA Govt is likely to scrap through ultimately but within one month from 3rd Nov 2013 the USA will face serious troubles. Some sort of illegal & corrupt activities are feared. Some Congress members are likely to be accused of illegal & corrupt activities besides others.