Spot Predictions about India

Fall in Estate Prices is Feared

Despite recovery of excess payments made by the Govt on some earlier transactions and deals and improved governance share market decline is feared


The planetary configurations reveal that within a period of about one month from 22nd December, 2014 national governance is likely to improve and receive more respect than before. Their political actions will be highly appreciated and reveal good governance. They are likely to recover some excess payments earlier received by some business people on one account or the other particularly relating to mines, coal and other minerals. This will be a positive income and contribute to the national economy but, in totality, the share market is likely to decline within a period of one month from 22nd December, 2014. Unusual income and unexpected income may be expected on account of earlier faulty decisions taken by the UPA Govt. Thus the income will increase but the share market is likely to decline and may suddenly at times dip causing heavy loss to the speculators. There will be losses on account of such speculation by the people indulging in share market. The Govt will receive unusual income as predicted above but still the economy will decline in totality. Despite these contradictory trends the national respect and the political performance of the Govt will be much respected.

The weather and nature will be unkind and unusual within the period of one month from 22nd December, 2014.

Some undiagnosable disease cannot be ruled out. Strong winds and losses through insects and other small animals and birds are feared.

The prices of estate are likely to fall.

There is a possibility that some foreigners may try to occupy some territory on the borders but their ambitions are likely to be frustrated.

The transport accidents on the border are feared but the losses will be less than the type of accidents which may be reported.

The judiciary will have the upper hand and perform very well but unfortunately they will not receive the desires and commensurate respect. Good work but poor reward could be summed up for judiciary.

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Date: 5th December, 2014