Prospects of War between Russia and NATO

Reuters online has reported on 10th June, 2016 “Russia vs NATO:  Putin’s military might could overrun NATO forces in 60 hours, defense official warns”.

Looking into the planetary configurations it appears that within a period of about one month from 5th June, 2016 Russia may be making some adjustments in placing their forces but is unlikely to enter into large scale military operations with NATO forces as is being displayed. The military forces of the Russian Govt are likely to display some strength or make some adjustments but are unlikely to get seriously involved in military operations with NATO forces. Wisdom in their management will be visible rather than forcing military decisions. Russian Govt seems to be exercising restraint and display wisdom rather than involve the world into military operations. Some opponent forces within Russia take some disciplinary measures to enforce law and order but are unlikely to run into large scale world war scenario. The planetary configurations indicate display of wisdom by Russian leaders rather than getting involved in large scale world war. Some attacks by military forces on civilians are feared which may cause some deaths.



Date: 10th June, 2016