No Govt Corruption during 2014

Huge Funds will be recovered on
account of earlier Corruption cases

The Prime Minister of the country accepted on the 30th June, 2011 that “My Govt is being termed most corrupt ever”.

The planetary configurations reveal that no Govt corruption is likely to take place from 19th June, 2014. On the contrary huge funds will be recovered on account of earlier corruption cases. Youth leaders are likely to make mighty contribution to work against the corruption.

From 19th May to 9th June, 2014 the State Govts, Judiciary and ethnic matters will receive a major setback. If state elections are held in this period the Govts in power are likely to be changed. Some states can also be brought under President Rule.

After the election to the Lok Sabha no political party will be in a position to form the Govt on its own.





Press Review


JANUARY 21, 2002 


Before filing reports, Indian intelligence agencies consult Pakistani website and Babaji, astrologer Lachhman Das Madan's mag...

Times of India

June 4, 1998

UPBEAT—Lachhman Das Madan: The Jyotish Samrat

He had predicted depression recession, unemployment in the world; the fall of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, dangers ahead or Princess Diana and their fatal impact, embarrassments to President Clinton and the fragmentation of the Congress.

But his most recent success has been the prediction about the Bhartiya Janata Party coming to power. Vajpayee and Murli Manohar Joshi’s role, tornado in Bangal and Orissa. And the Pak nuclear tests in the issue of Baba Ji, which hit the stands a few days before the Pak nuclear test.

That’s astologer Lachhman Das Madan, not a jyotishi (astrologer) sitting in some desolate room and making predictions but a successful business man and formar bureaucrat.

Indian Express,

January 24, 1988

Babaji’s bioscope

For several weeks now, everybody seems to have been asking everybody else whether they think 1988 will be the year of the mid-term poll. If you go to see a bureaucrat about something else altogehter, he tends these days to say stay and have some coffee and by the way have you heard.... Similar things have been happening when you call upon an MP or some political bigwig. As for all those ‘intelligence contacts,’ some say yes and others say no. The net result is that for us in hackland (aka the world of journalism), it has become a sort of obsession with everybody telling everybody else to check with their contacts whether elections are imminent.

During the course of all this investigative journalism, I happened to put the question to a political friend. There was a short, pregnant silence of the kind one is accustomed to getting from politicians, who are trying to convey that they would have said more if they were not worried about the telephones being bugged, then my friend said cryptically: “Take a look at the annual issue to Babaji. We’ll talk later,” and click went the receiver.

Om-Babaji, in case you’ve never seen it, is an astrological magazine of some repute in political circles. I duly hunted around for a copy and under a chapter entitled Trends and Tensions Round the Corner, found the following prediction: “These is a very strong possibility that the Lok Sabha may be dissolved in 1988 in one of the lean periods. From middle of February 1988 for about six weeks the period is very bad for members of Parliament and many members could be distressed in this period in one way or the other”. Now, that was really telling it straight, none of your if Jupiter moves into Saturn and the Sun into Aquarius, this was, for once, a clear astrological yes.

I was impressed enough to want to meet Babaji in person since the (other than the high command) appears to be the only one in Delhi who is aware of what 1988 has in store. Babaji, whose mortal name is Lachhman Das Madan, asked me to come over to his office which he said was over his factory, New Rolls (India) Ltd. in the Mayapuri Industrial Area. It was not easy to find and after nearly an hour of losing myself in narrow, noisy streets, all of which seemed to result in dead ends. I finally found myself before a three storeyed house and Babaji’s office. When he is not gazing into the future, Babaji makes conveyers and likes to think of himself as the iron man with a crystal ball’.

He looks an unlikely astrologer, more the government servant he once was. But astrology had finally claimed him, he explained, because it was in his blood. His father, a soldier by profession, was also an astrologer as was grandfather and he himself had learned about the wisdom of the stars from an uncle who taught him on Sundays. He had also studies several old texts but I am sure you are more interested in the future than in Babaji’s past.

Of 1988 he syas: The government is likely to face serious problems in the first six months, there will be tensions and turmoil and many ministers will be changed. The movement of the planets also bodes ill for the press, according to him, because many of ‘the old guard’ will disappear and others (the newer guard) could find themselves in jail. Things do not look good for V.P. Singh either, he syas, he is likely to assume power at some stage, not necessarily in 1988, but he will not retain it for long. A period of political stability will only begin in September 1989 but then in 1990 he sees portents of a ‘fierce war in which by the grace of God India will crush her opponents’ and then all will be well with the world.

Babaji could, I think see from my face that I was a non-believer so he produced a prediction that he made in 1977 to convince me that the had never been wrong: “The aspect of Mars shows that some misguided leader may try to assume the position of a dictator but the people will remain wedded to democracy. They may remain indifferent but when Mars would seek to stabilize the position of such a person the people will simply crush him and give him stern punishment.” Well, we all know that it certainly happened that way so if Babaji’s luck has not run out we can look forward to elections this year.

National Herald

January 9, 2001

 An astrologer with per excellence

Man’s eagemess to know about the future leads him to astrologers and astrologers and palmists. While on the one hand this inquisitiveness has led to the creation of sciences like astrology, astronomy, and palmistry on the other, it has given birth to innumerable blind beliefs.

Though their is no dearth of small time soothsayers in our country dabbling in the art of astrology hogging the limelight, there are still genuine prophets who remain away from the public glare. One such name is this field who does not only look at your stars but at the fortune of stars; an astrologer who doen’t have any formal training in this art but claims to have mastery over it; an astrologer whose predictions have done several turns but he holds little forth.

It is Lachhman Das Madan who claims to have over 40,000 correct predictions u his sleeve. He has predicted on all major socio-political events including economic ones in the country and aborad. Communist rule in USSR, US attack on Iraq in 1990, crash of stock markets in several countries including India and US, Latur earthquake, the ears of coalition governments in India from 1989 on words.

Apart from these predictions, he gave a probable assessment of the recent Red Fort shootout. In an article published in his magazine on October 31, last, he wrote: The planetary configurtions reveal that within four months from October 17, some serious military operations are feared from Pakistan.... It will not be a surprise if the government will be caught unawares and face awakward situation in its wake”, Mr Madan has written several books on astrological science in including “Astrological Study of India and its leaders. Besides he runs a magazine on astrology and religion—Baba Ji both in English and Hindi.

Born on April 9, 1923 Mr Madan took his degree from Punjab University. In 1942, he joined CSS through UPSC and held important positions in various government departments. He took to astrology only as a hobby in his early days. In 1951, astrology left upon him an idelible mark. Though he inherited astrology from his forefathers, he never took to the art as a business.

In due cause of time he made a mark as an astrologer and carved a niche for himself in this field. Quest for something new and creative was at the core of his heat. He never allowed complacency to creep in. The curiosity about astrology, he recalls, he once led him steal a book from his father’s shelf.

Mr Madan still give advice to the people but without any charge. In contrast to his selfless services to astrology the so-colled ‘yogis and ‘tantriks’ hold more to temporal then spiritual powers. The enjoy to much clout among powers that be that even seasoned politicians envy.

The same is not true for Madan. When asked how does he differ from other so-called ‘yogis’ who also guide or misguide influential people, he said, “ I am an honest and selfless student of the science of astrology. My sole aim is to serve the mankind through astrology as undertake research to make it still more useful and applicable.

But he is definitely worried about the present state of astrology in the country. He regrets that right from politicians to other influential people in the country who enjoy the benefit of this science but do precious little to restore the art to its prestine glory.

The Hindu

Monday, June 4, 2001

He Saw it Coming

The massacre of King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya and other Royal family member of Nepal by the crown prince after he was not given permission to marry the women whom he loved had been foreseen a month ago by astrologer Lachhman Das Madan.

"The planetary configurations reveal that within a month from May 23, some important charismatic females are likely to become very powerful and reduce the important of the Government which will remain ineffective and irrelevant some Government authorities are likely to be murdered", wrote Mr. Madna in Volume 214 of the "Baba Ji" dated May 5.

"Two powerful women-the queen of Nepal and the girl friend of the crown prince-proved to be force behind the tragedy thus making the Government irrelevant and ineffective. And now a brain dead prince has not been made the King," Mr. Madan said, referring to his prophecy which came true on June 1.

Nepal was also cautioned in Volume 211 of "Baba Ji" released in January, 2001 that some higher Government authorities will be murdered during the year. It was further predicted that the Government will receive a major set-back. The important role of women in leading up to a situation was also emphasised.

The horoscope of Devyani, grand-daughter of late Rajamata Scindia, was examined in "Baba Ji" as early as February 1992 in Volume 128.

It was said that from the marital life point of view, it was a very bad horoscope. Though her marriage seems to be not possible for a long time, yet it cannot be ruled out, it was written. Real marital happiness will not lost long, wrote Mr. Madan.

The Times of India

October 1, 1993

Astrologer’s Prediction came true

Astrologer Lachhmnan Das Madan today said he had predicted the earthquake in his magazine released on August 14.

The magazine, called “Baba Ji” had mentioned: “The planetary configurations reveal that within about six weeks from September 16 an earthquake or some   similar natural calamity in India or around is likely to occur.”

In the September 23 issue of the magazine, he has predicted two “devastating earthquakes” in and around Iran in November.

The Statesman

January 19, 1995

Quake Foretold

The tragic earthquake in Japan earlier this week, which claimed more than 2,000 lives besides causing heavy losses, was foretold four times since November 16, 1994, through astrological predictions made by Mr Lachhman Das Madan, Editor, “Baba Ji”.

A January 6, 1995 issue of the periodical “Baba Ji” had predicted that “the planetary configurations reveal that during 1995 the weather and the nature will become unkind” to Japan.

The Hindu

February 4, 2003

A Tragedy Foretold

The Shattering news of the Columbia space shuttle tragedy this past week-end has left all of Delhi sad—but one Delhiite doubly so. Because, he rues, he had seen it coming.

Writing in the 2003 annual number of the astrological magazine ‘Baba Ji’ released here this past December 30, its editor Lachhman Das Madan had made this prediction for the United States of America: "During 2003 some important scientific projects are likely to suffer. Some....scientists who may have been on the verge of achieving success may falter and fail. Some of them are likely to pass away....when nearer to enjoying the fruit of their labour and hard work."

Six months earlier in the issue released on June 30 the magazine had forecast: "Most of US adventures or b bold initiatives....may misfire. Because of their overstepping, the most effective measures which will have the potency to accelerate the speed of ‘Global Age’ shaping into ‘Space Age’ will slow down the process...."

"These predictions," insists the octogenarian Mr. Madan, "are all based on planetary movements and are absolutely scientific."

Business Standard

24th September, 2008


For those who read monthly astrology magazine Babaji, the US financial crisis was hardly a surprise. The magazine’s last issue, it appears, talks of how the fact that the Sun and Saturn will operate together from September 2, 2008 to March 3, 2009 would deal a crushing blow. The magazine, in a press release, cites the pages of its 301st volume released on August 30. The specific quote is “USA — The planetary configurations reveal that whatever the activities they have undertaken or will undertake between June 21 to September 16, 2008 they are likely to get into trouble around September, 2008 and thereafter...... economy is likely to decline.”

The Statesman

Soothsayers were usually ugly old men , some with, some with only one eye. But what do you say about a man who predicts disasters but is tall, handsome and aging gracefully? This person who belies the stereotyped image is Lachhman Das Madan, a successful industrialist of Delhi who make forecasts just as a hobby and not for gain. The predictions are published in this magazine Babaji and generally come true......

Earlier he had foretold the election of Bill Clinton as US President, the Gulf war and the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. One hopes India and the world in general are spared further horrors. But then Madan’s computerized predictions have an uncanny knack of coming true. A deeply religious man, he feels trouble can sometimes be averted with divine did and human good will. One hopes it is so in the foreseeable future. Astrologer had foretold calamity

Hindustan Times (13th March, 2011)

Indian astrologer Lachhman Das Madan had predicted the natural calamity that has hit Japan in the December, 2010 issue of his magazine on astrology and religion. “Planetary configurations reveal that within about one month from January 4, 2011 some sort of military operations and unkind nature may cause them much tension....” he wrote. The period ending June 2, 2011 is horrible (for Japan).

Indian astrologer predicts horrible devastation for Japan dated 12th March, 2011 (Asian News International)

New Delhi, Mar. 12 (ANI): Noted astrologer Lachhman Das Madan has predicted more calamities for Japan, a day after that country was ravaged by an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter Scale.

The earthquake also unleashed a tsunami that has so far claimed over 1000 lives and devastated an entire prefecture in the north east of the country.

Madan has said that Japan will experience "horrible devastation" in the remaining part of the year.

Referring to his “Baba Ji” Volume 328, which was released on  December 31, 2010, Madan has predicted the following:low.

“Japan :In fact, the period ending 2nd June, 2011 is horrible and they must take effective measures to protect themselves from severe troubles like escalation of military operations, more ferocious weather and nature including volcanic eruption. Setback to Govt and Parliament, eruption of violence, loss of huge property and loss of life is feared. Unexpected types of diseases and epidemics are feared. Cases of suicide are also likely to be reported.”

“The periods around April and May, 2011 are more horrible..... The year 2011 is highly ominous and the people should remain ready to meet the unexpected challenges which may develop in this year,” he adds. (ANI)

(Note:This review was also displayed by several websites including (Wallstreet Journal),,,, etc).

India Empire

January, 2009

Fine Foreteller

Astrologer L D Madan shows that age is no barrier when it comes to maintaining a tough schedule and making predictions about the world that appear to be accurate

At age 85, Lachhman Das Madan continues to adapt and amaze. He maintains a punishing schedule, pushing himself to bring out the Babaji, a monthly astrological magazine in both English and Hindi. It is laborious work and involves plenty of study. Apart from this near single-handed effort at bringing out the two publications, he also oversees work at The Astrology Study and Research Institute. To do all this, he has to wake up well before the crack of dawn, and has to invariably work his way through to midnight. If he is ageing, then we cannot tell.

But we wouldn't have been talking about him if it weren't for his astrological predictions. The man who confidently predicted that Sonia Gandhi would not become Prime Minister even after the Congress-led UPA came to power in 2004, the assassination of several top Indian leaders, attacks on Indian Parliament and Red Fort, among others, has had an impressive last one year, prediction-wise. It makes him a candidate for our astrological man of the year.

Let's take a look at some of the forecasts:

On October 31, 2007, in the pages of Babaji he wrote this about Benazir Bhutto, “…In totality, some setback in her career, loss to the family and to her person are feared before July 6, 2008 and major setback is feared at any time before
December 12, 2009…”
Bhutto, wife of current Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari, was assassinated on December 27, 2007.

Even though he did not specify Mumbai, in Babaji released on November 12, 2008, he said, “Within about three months from November 16, 2008, India’s military operations will be undertaken on military soil or some other country’s land. It’s a tense period for Indian military. People would be disappointed and emotional between November 26 and 27, 2008, there would an attack on security forces, several deaths and suicides are feared.” Earlier, in the October 25, 2008 issue he had written, “The planetary configurations reveal that within about one month from October 29, 2008, serious violence is likely to erupt. Attacks are feared on Government authorities, prominent persons…serious violence is likely to erupt, a large number of casualties including those in Government authorities are feared.”

And Barack Obama may not have seen it coming as clearly as Madan. On August 12, 2008, Babaji published that “For Barack Obama sub-period of Sun in the main period of Jupiter will commence on August 11, 2008 and operate up to May 30, 2009… He will become the President… During his tenure he will devote much time on economy and foreign affairs and try to make improvement in both these spheres. His thoughts will be different from the important leaders of the USA.”

John McCain on the other hand really had no chance, according to the same edition of Babaji. "In Bhava chart Pluto and Ketu are aspecting Mercury and looking to his past events. Mercury has played a much harmful role. Even at some point of time in some of the Mercury sub-period he had to go to prison. In transit Saturn will be transiting over natal Sun and in opposition to natal Saturn. This will also not help in achieving the highest post.”

Also even though the Congress and BJP were tipped to go neck and neck at the assembly hustings in Gujarat in December 2007, Babaji had declared Narendra Modi a winner in its October 31, 2007 edition. "His chart shows that even the activities of the opponents will ultimately confer boon to him. He will get rid of the opponents. In totality, Narendra Modi is likely to continue as the chief minister despite some serious impediments and challenging developments. He is likely to bounce back.”

Some of his forecasts can be downright chilling, especially when he talks about impending disasters, attacks and assassinations. But then that is how he's lived his life for nearly 40 years now, from the time he came up with a book on astrology, predicting the political downfall of Indira Gandhi and the rise of Morarji Desai and Atal Behari Vajpayee.

One must say that even at 85 all his five senses, plus the sixth one is working just fine.

The Statesman

11th May, 1981

Stars and Wars

Is there a correlation between planetary configurations and human affairs? Yes, say astrologers who claim that their effect can be verified by referring to a similar or almost similar position of the planets in the past and the influence of such planetary positions on the earth. Lachhman Das Madan, a retired Government official, who has made a study of astrology, says that a scientific analysis of the planetary effects on the earth can give a rational answer to questions like. Is it possible to predict when the next world war is likely to take place, which countries will be affected and what will be the extent of damage? A study of eclipses, made by Mr. Madan has, for example, shown that during the years when there were many eclipses, there were wars and natural calamities.

Based on his study he says that there will be seven eclipses next year. Also in February, 1982 all planets in the solar system led by Jupiter will be in direct line on one side of the sun, leaving the earth alone on the other side, which will cause concentrated gravitational pull on the earth. And that is likely to cause large-scale destruction of human life and natural disasters. He adds: “In some countries the form of Government is likely to change through revolutions or coups, in some, the Heads of Government could be assassinated and in some others volcanic eruptions or earthquakes of great magnitude may occur.......” He however rules out a third world war in 1982 or in the next few years.

Mr. Madan claims accuracy in his predictions. As proof he points out how he has in his magazine, The Baba Ji, started in New Delhi three months ago, devoted to astrology and religion, forecast V.C. Shukla’s ouster, Nargis death and the threat to the life of a prominent leader of the country. And if one were to go by his claims, his assurance that there is no scope for a third world war in the near future is most welcome.