26th July, 2014

Troubles erupted in European Countries Foretold

Text Box: Europe in Trouble Again
It may be a record that in the “Baba Ji” following forecast about the Europe bursting in April, 2010 was published and it underwent serious strain which badly affected the economy of Europe for a long time:
“Europe Bursting—Its Spasm and Convulsions may Rock the World—Europe and certain countries around it are on the hit list of the Cosmos planning…… United Kingdom—The people in general will be in much agony on account of…… unkind nature and weather.” (Page 68 & 69 of Volume 320 of the “Baba Ji” released on 30th March, 2010).
Prediction made by JYOTISH  Samrat Lachhman Das Madan
Now serious turbulences in foreign affairs of European countries are feared within a period of about one month from 27th June, 2014.

On 23rd June, 2014 the following prediction about troubles expected to arise in Europe was uploated on the “Baba Ji” website www.babajee.info.


Seeing its seriousness a message was also sent through email to US President Barack Obama.

Since 27th June, 2014 besides serious troubles on account of Russia-Ukraine gas conflict several other troubles have been occurred in European countries making it a troublesome period for Europe. Some of these troubles are given below:

Fall in European Stock Markets—On 10th July, 2014 European stock markets fell on fears that the suspension of shares in Portugal’s third largest bank could lead to a run on the eurozone’s debt-ridden banking sector. Banks in Italy, Spain and Portugal saw their shares dive as investors betted they may be hiding bad debts. London FTSE 100 was down by 45 points.

Anti-Austerity Protest in Greece—On 9th July, 2014 Govt workers held 24-hours strike in a series of protests against the austerity measures implemented in Greece.

Serious Violence erupted in France—On 21st July, 2014 serious violence erupted during pro-Palestinian rallies in and around Paris to protest against Israel’s offensive on Palestine. Scores of people clashed with riot police, throwing stones and bottles at security forces who responded with tear gas, sending locals and tourists scurrying. France has both the largest Jewish and Muslim populations in Eurple and flare-ups of violence in the Middle East often add tension between the two communities.

193 Citizens of Netherlands killed in Malaysian Plane shot-down—Of 298 people that killed in the 17th July, 2014 shot down of Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight in Ukraine 193 were the citizens of Netherlands.

Migrants Problem became Serious in Italy—Migrants problem became more serious in Italy in July, 2014. On 19th July, 2014 Italian Navy said that 19 people died trying to reach Italy on a boat packed with hundreds of migrants, probably poisoned by carbon monoxide fumes from its engines. 4000 migrants were rescued in the last three days. Italy is struggling to keep up with the number of migrant boats this year, which mostly depart from the coast of increasingly unstable Libya, and is seeking more help from the EU in both the rescue mission and in hosting new arrivals.

Floods ravaged Spain—On 4th July, 2014 floods ravaged the northern Spanish region of Navarra after heavy rains caused rivers to burst their banks. A number of vehicles submerged in the high waters that inundated streets, homes and businesses. Hail showers and unseasonably heavy rains also paralyzed Madrid on 3rd July, 2014.

Violence erupted at Spain-Morocco border—On 15th July, 2014 violence erupted at the Moroccan border town of Ceuta, when Spanish border police began releasing teargas at Moroccan vendors passing through border control. Ceuta is one of two Spanish-controlled territories on Moroccan mainland.

Flash Flooding in UK—On 8th July, 2014 Summer storms with heavy rain and hail, brought flash flooding to some areas of the UK. some parts of England and Wales saw 10 to 15 mm of rain in an hour. Hull in and several nearby villages also saw heavy rain and some flash flooding. Flood water in some areas was as high as 30cm. While the temperature hit 32C in UK making it the hottest day of the year for UK violent thunder and lightning at night kept millions awake.

6.2 Magnitude Earthquake struck off Japan’s Northeast Coast

On 21st July, 2014 an earthquake of 6.2 magnitude on the Richter scale struck off northeast coast of Japan in the early morning. The epicenter of the earthquake was 291 km away from the Japanese city Nemuro.

In this context coastal trouble were predicted for this period in Volume 359 of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2014 and the above earthquake occurred near northeast coast of Japan. The forecast is given below:

Covering Forecast

“Japan—Several coastal troubles and losses on that account are feared…. in the period of about four months from July, 2014.” (Volume 395 of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2014).

Two Plane Crashes killed Six in USA

On 20th July, 2014 two small planes crashed in two separate accidents in north Arizona of USA. 6 people died in these crashes.

Covering Forecast

“USA—The planetary configurations reveal that within a period of about one month from 29th May, 2014….. Transport accidents are also feared” (Volume 361 of the “Baba Ji” released on 27th May, 2014).

Massive Wildfire pushed by Erratic Winds scorched Large Area in USA, Tornado caused heavy damage

On 19th July, 2014 it was reported that a massive wildfire in north-central Washington, pushed by howling, erratic winds, was growing rapidly and burning in new directions.

The unkind weather especially powerful winds have made the things worst and as of 19th July, 2014 the lightning-caused fired had scorched 336 square miles in Methow Valley and had destroyed about 100 homes near Pateros. People living around these areas were advised to leave their homes.

On 23rd July, 2014 a tornado swept through a Virginia campground killing at least two people and injured 36 on the state’s eastern shore.

Covering Forecast

“USA—The planetary configurations reveal that within a period of about one month from 29th May, 2014 the weather and nature will become unkind. Some underground explosions are feared.” (Volume 361 of the “Baba Ji” released on 27th May, 2014).

US Postal Workers Protest Foretold

On 22nd July, 2014 hundreds of postal workers from around USA protested outside a Staples store in downtown Chicago over a program that allows postal services to be sold at more than 80 Staples retail outlets. Postal workers have complained about the program for months saying the “mini-post offices” staffed by non-union workers will result in fewer jobs and hours of work at government post offices.

Covering Forecast

“USA—Around July, 2014—Strong agitations by the services, worker, patients and sick people feared.” (Volume 359 of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2014).

Typhoon wreaked Havoc in Thailand

In Thailand the typhoon Rammasun wreaked havoc causing torrential rainfall on 21st July, 2014 in the northeast, with Yasothon province the most-affected. Water levels along several canals increased drastically, overflowing the banks and inundating 500 rais of rice fields. Flood water also destroyed fish farms in a nearby community.

Covering Forecast

“Thailand—Period of about one month from 27th June, 2014—Weather and nature somewhat unkind.” (Volume 359 of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2014).

Heavy Rains causing serious Damage and Casualties in China Foretold

On 17th July, 2014 it was reported that at least 45 people were killed and 21 others injured over the past week by heavy rains and landslides in China. Severe rainfall and ensuing floods hit the provinces of Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan, Anhui and the municipality of Chongqing since 10th July, 2014. More than 63,000 houses were destroyed and 44,900 hectares of crops became unharvestable in these areas, with direct economic losses reaching 5.21 billion yuan (USD 839. 8 million).

On 18th July, 2014 typhoon Rammasun hit China’s southern coast with winds exceeding 200 kmph and caused heavy damage killing at least 18 people.

In this context the following was made in the “Baba Ji” Volume 359 released on 6th January, 2014.

Covering Forecast

“China—Heavy losses through rains, damage to communication system….. are feared within a period of one month from 27th June, 2014.” (Volume 359 of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2014).

China’s detention of Vietnamese Fishermen escalated Border Dispute with Vietnam

On 3rd July, 2014 China’s border trouble with Vietnam erupted when China detained 6 Vietnamese fishermen and their boat in the South China Sea. According to China's Foreign Ministry, the fishermen were detained in Chinese territorial waters of Hainan Island whereas Vietnamese authorities say the fishermen were arrested in Vietnamese waters near in the Gulf of Tonkin. China’s this action escalated Sino-Vietnamese border dispute.

Covering Forecast

“China—Trouble at or through the borders are feared within a period of one month from 27th June, 2014.” (Volume 359 of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2014).

Major Setbacks to Govt Foretold

While analyzing about the prospects of new Govt after Lok Sabha election in India it was foreseen that the time for formation of the new Govt is not favourable before 28th May, 2014 and it was uploaded on the website www.babajee.info on 28th April, 2014 that the new Govt is likely to be set up after 28th May, 2014 in which the present Govt will be in the opposition. A personal message was also sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

But the Govt was formed on 26th May, 2014 and realizing the severe consequences the following prediction was recorded at page 35 in Volume 361 released on 27th May, 2014 and copyrighted on 29th May, 2014:


“India—According to the Cosmos the new Govt should have been formed after 28th May, 2014 and not before it as the Govt operating before 28th May, 2014 was to face serious consequences. This was revealed in the following forecast uploaded on the website www.babajee.info on 28th April, 2014 and personal message was also sent to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

“India—The planetary configurations reveal that….. The new Govt is likely to be set up after 28th May, 2014 in which the present Govt will be in the opposition.” (Prediction uploaded on the website on 28th April, 2014).

It is a matter of great regret that the new Govt has been formed before 28th May, 2014 and it is likely to receive a major setback within a period of about one month from 29th May, 2014. All measures will be taken to reduce its intensity but much avoidable loss will be suffered by the Govt which will be quite unfortunate. An aircraft carrying important persons or important devastating equipments is likely to crash causing loss to the Govt….. Some Govt authorities and military important authorities are also likely to be distressed.” (Volume 361 of the “Baba Ji” released on 27th May, 2014).

In the first two months after the formation the Govt received following major setbacks:

First Setback—Union Minister Gopinath Munde died in Tragic Accident—First major setback was received by the Govt on 3rd June, 2014 when Union Rural Development Minister Gopinath Munde met with a tragic car crash in Delhi while he was on the way to the airport to take a flight to Maharashtra and died causing unbearable loss to the Govt and the country.

Three more setbacks—Three BJP Leaders murdered in Six DaysThree more setbacks were received by the Govt. A BJP leader was shot dead in Greater Noida during the night of 7th June, 2014. On 10th June, 2014 the Vice Convener of BJP’s Panchayati Raj cell in Muzaffarnagar was gunned down by some unknown assailants and on 12th June, 2014 another BJP leader was shot dead in Vaishali district of Bihar. He was the third BJP leader to be murdered in six days.

Setback in Foreign Affairs as Pak violated Ceasefire, Attack at LoC killed One and injured Six Troops including MajorWhile since the day one of swearing in the Govt of India extended a hand of friendship with Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif was invited and all measures were being taken to improve bilateral relations Pak forces violated ceasefire and attacked Indian posts along LoC on 13th June, 2014 with mortars giving a major setback to Indian Govt’s efforts. Heavy shelling was reported. A troop was killed and six others including a Major were injured in twin improvised explosive device blasts in Poonch.

Another major setback—BJP lost all 3 seats in Uttarakhand Assembly By-Polls—A very important setback occurred to the BJP, whose Govt is at the Centre, when the party lost all three by-polls in Uttarakhand to Congress in the state assembly held on 21st July, 2014.


Political Earthquakes Feared in the World

Volume 362 of the “Baba Ji” released on 10th July, 2014


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