Setback to Govt foretold

On 22nd January, 2015 the atmosphere expected in India for the upcoming period of about one month from 23rd January, 2015 was displayed on the “Baba Ji” website. Some extracts are reproduced below:

“India—National Anxiety Feared—The planetary configurations reveal that within a period of about one month from 23rd January, 2015 the Govt is likely to face much rough weather. Some setback is feared…… The share market is likely to decline.”

In this context the following events occurred in India which stand revealed in the above forecasts:

Home Secretary sacked

On 4th February, 2015 Secretary for Home Affairs Anil Goswami was sacked for allegedly trying to stall the arrest of Saradha scam accused and former Minister Matang Sinh. His removal gave a setback to the Govt.

Fall in Indian Share Market Continues

Downward trend in Indian share market also continued as the BSE fell down to 28227 points (-490 points in a day) and Nifty to 8526 points
(-134 points in a day) on 9th February, 2014.

These are two important events. Some events occurred before have been reproduced earlier on this website. The other difficulties which will follow will also be reproduced after the occurrence of the events.

Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan

Editor “Baba Ji”

9th February, 2015