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17th April, 2010



Europe Bursting--Its Spasm & Convulsions, China’s Earthquake, Nature's Fury in India, Dantewada Horrific Attack on Security Forces & Share Market Decline Foretold

Further Earthquakes, Nature’s Fury and Excruciating Violence Feared

I am giving below the some horrific incidents regarding Europe, India and China with their covering forecasts made in the “Baba Ji” before the incidents. All these incidents have caused substantial loss to the mankind and created worldwide panic.

Horrific Maoist Attack on Security Forces in Dantewada

In one of the deadliest attacks on security forces Maoists attacked and killed 74 CRPF jawans mercilessly on 6th April, 2010 in the jungles of Dantewada district. This horrific attack was predicted in the “Baba Ji’ as under:—
“India—The planetary configurations reveal that within about a period of one month from 14th March, 2010 serious violence is likely to escalate within the country, at the borders and militants may cause heavy losses..... the security forces, Govt authorities, important persons and others are likely to be mercilessly attacked..... The recitation of the following mantra in the morning hours after bath will produce very favourable results for the society." (Page 19 of Volume 319 of the “Baba Ji” released on 2nd March, 2010).

Even in minutest details some attack on authorities was repeatedly was predicted as under:—

“4th to 8th April, 2010—Attack on Govt authorities, leaders, prominent persons are feared. Security forces efforts to enforce discipline may cause unfortunate deaths.” (Page 111 of Volume 320 of the “Baba Ji” released on 30th March, 2010).

Tornado caused Destruction in Bihar, Bengal and Assam

Massive destruction was caused by tornado in east Bihar, north Bengal and Assam which killed more than 120 people and injured 200. Upto 125 kmph winds ripped through more than one lakh houses. Temperature also rose in India.

Covering Forecast

“India—Within about one month from 13th April, 2010..... Sorching heat.... losses through unkind weather and nature including rains, floods, storms.” (Page 30 of Volume 320 of the “Baba Ji” released on 30th March, 2010).

Earthquake in China

Earthquake in China on 14th April, 2010 in the morning claimed over 600 lives besides causing heavy loss to the property and transport.

This earthquake was predicted in the following forecast 44 days before it occurred:—

“China—In the period of about one month from 14th April, 2010..... The weather and nature will become unkind. The earthquake, floods, rains etc are feared.” (Page 33 of Volume 319 of the “Baba Ji” released on 2nd March, 2010).

Europe Bursts—Its Convulsions started Rocking the World

Europe started bursting immediately after the commencement of the unfortunate period and as predicted in the “Baba Ji” its countries are on the planetary hit list. Here are two incidents first of Poland aircraft crash and second of Volcanic eruption in northern Europe which have caused much loss and agony to the people.

Poland Aircraft Crashed killing 96 including President, Top Politicians & Military Authorities

On 10th April, 2010 Poland aircraft in which Poland President, top politicians and military authorities were travelling crashed in Russia on account of unknd weather and dense fog. This was a huge blow to a European country.

Volcano Erupted in Northern Europe

A huge ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano in northern Europe blocked several flights and left hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded on 15th April, 2010. The disruption was the biggest seen in the region.

The relevant covering forecasts about plane crash in Poland and volcanic eruption in Europe are as under:—

“Europe Bursting—Its Spasm and Convulsions may Rock the World—Europe and certain countries around it are on the hit list of the Cosmos planning..... United Kingdom—The people in general will be in much agony on account of..... unkind nature and weather.” (Page 68 & 69 of Volume 320 of the “Baba Ji” released on 30th March, 2010).

“Poland—Within about two months from March, 2010 unkind weather and nature may cause much loss to the people.” (Page 23 of Volume 318 of the “Baba Ji” (Hindi) released on 30th January, 2010).

The President of Poland and top politicians and military authorities in the country were killed in the plane crash. Just ten days before the tragedy “Baba Ji” warned the heads of Govts and the important leaders all over the world to strengthen their security to protect themselves in the following forecast.

“In totality, during 2010 and 2011 nature and weather will become highly unkind all over the world causing much agony to the people..... The heads of the Govts and the important leaders will need to strengthen the security to protect themselves.” (Page 27 of Volume 320 of the “Baba Ji” released on 30th March, 2010).

Indian Share Market Decline Foretold

Share Market in India which was running upward started declining from 29th March, 2010 and BSE which was at 17786 points on 29th March, 2010 came down at 17639 points on 15th April, 2010. The details are as under:—

Date 29/3/10 30/3/10 8/4/10 15/4/10
BSE 17786 17590 17714 17639
NSE 5321 5262 5304 5273

This decline was foretold in the “Baba Ji” as under:—

“India—The prices of shares are likely to decline from 29th March to 20th April, 2010.” (Page 33 of Volume 320 of the “Baba Ji” released on 30th March, 2010).

Challenging Developments Ahead

Within about two months people will be in much agony in India, China, Europe, USA and other countries on account of unkind nature and weather, earthquake and violence for which the predictions have already been made in the issues of the “Baba Ji” which can be read and adequate measure can be taken to protect themselves. But as being frightened through the newspapers there is no scope of Doomsday in the next few years or even in 4006. 

Lachhman Das Madan
Editor “Baba Ji”