3rd October, 2013


National unity between Congress and BJP is a Cosmic Writ as already revealed by Me in my Article of 28th September, 2013 on Baba Ji website

Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan

Editor “Baba Ji”

In the first attempt India lost 13 brave soldiers including one Lt. Colonel and the situation is fast deteriorating.

This prediction was first revealed by me in Volume 100 (Hindi) released on 19th April, 2003 which is a copyrighted book in which what will happen in India in the next 100 years was recorded. Every word is coming true. Neither the Govt nor the Press is taking care of this prediction despite my drawing attention to this expected calamity again and again.

What has been reported in the newspaper today is that “Army battles to foil major Pak infiltration bid” but neither the Press nor the Govt is taking serious notice of my prediction on this subject since 2003 and are not uniting nor taking adequate care to prevent the dangers I have already pointed out. Political unity is the only way out and this will come about notwithstanding the silence of the Press of not revealing the dangers pointed out by me nor the Govt taking adequate care on the basis of my predictions in which the percentage of accuracy is the highest as compared to any other science in the world.

On 28th September, 2013 on the website I had forcefully predicted the unity between the Congress and the BJP Narendra Modi speech revealed the urge of the unity by condemning Pakistan for not giving due respect to India’s Prime Minister which confirms the basic truth of my prediction of unity which is destined to take place. I have never met Narendra Modi in my life and his speech on 29th September, 2013 reveals the new era which I had foreseen and has started taking shape.

As already predicted I feel shy to repeat again but have no other alternative as a voluntary humble servant of the nation that do not miss the opportunity to unite immediately to protect the nation when from behind the scene serious efforts will be made to humble the nation and the Parliament within next about two months. They will give a big setback to economy and the economy may crash besides casualties including those of important persons.

The planetary configurations assure me that India will unite and give a befitting reply and protect its interests and respect. Why delay the unity and allow the killing of the people and the forces.

The Congress and the BJP have to unite and the national respect will be enhanced. There is no doubt but why allow the people to suffer. Nation’s one voice will have a major effect on the whole world.

My over three lakhs predictions including more than 3000 earthquakes and calamities which all have come true is not an ordinary achievement or a matter to ignore my predictions and do the needful without any delay.

This is the only use of the Ancient Wisdom which helps the mankind and perpetuates peace and increases prosperity.

The Press is not playing their role adequately in withholding the accuracy of my predictions on the pressure of the half-knowledged scientists, experts and the politicians. It is shame for the country to hide their achievements and waste their power to increase sale.

Truth alone triumphs. That is our national motto. The Press should speak the truth and don’t hide the truth because of the pressure of the third grade people. They should not forget the past performance of the seasoned journalists who had rated as Indian Nostradamus and helped the governance and the people.