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Date and Magnitude of Earthquake in Iran Foretold

On 29th April, 2014 an earthquake measuring 4.4 on the Richter scale occurred in Southern Iran. In this context an earthquake of about 4.0 magnitude was foretold by the Editor of the “Baba Ji” in the predictions made for Iran which were sent to the US President Barack Obama, Secretary General, WMO, Secretary of IPCC and Editor in chief, PTI on 22nd April, 2014 and also uploaded on the website on the same date.

The prediction is reproduced below.

Covering Forecast

Earthquake feared in Iran—The planetary configurations reveal that the period of about one month from 29th April, 2014 is likely to prove highly ominous besides a severe earthquake of a magnitude of about 4.0 likely to strike Iran.” (Prediction uploaded on the website on 22nd April, 2014).

Unkind Weather hit USA as Tornadoes caused Extensive Damage in Many States

From 28th April, 2014 weather became highly unkind in USA and tornadoes caused extensive damage in several states. Arkansas and Mississippi were the hardest hit states. Huge property was destroyed and tens of thousands of people suffered power cut. Death toll hit 34 on 30th April, 2014.

On 30th April, 2014 three earthquakes occurred in US, two in Oklahoma of 3.2 3.4 magnitude and one in Virgin Island of 3.1 magnitude.

In this context the following forecasts made in the Volumes of “Baba Ji” much before the events are reproduced below.

Covering Forecasts

“USA—Period of about two months from from 31st March, 2014—Weather and nature unkind.” (Volume 320 of the “Baba Ji” released on 30th March, 2010).

Mining Disasters, Gas Explosion and Earthquake in China Foretold

In China heavy casualties were reported due to three mining disasters in April, 2014. On 7th April, 2014 a coal mine in Qujing city was flooded killing 21 miners. On 18th April, 2014 a roof collapse at a coal mine in southwest China's Guizhou Province killed 7 miners and injured another. Another mining disaster occurred on 21st April, 2014 when at least 14 miners were killed in a gas explosion in a coal mine in Yunnan province.

On 29th March, 2014 a strong earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter Scale also occurred in Maoping in China.

These disasters were predicted as early as in 2010 with repeated warning this year also.

Covering Forecast

“China—Period of one month from 1st March, 2014—Devastating earthquake, fires, explosions and fires due to gas leakage feared.” (Volume 320 of the “Baba Ji” released on 30th March, 2010).

“China—The planetary configurations reveal that within about one month from 1st March, 2014 earthquakes, mining disaster, fires and explosions are feared.” (Volume 360 of the “Baba Ji” released on 4th March, 2014).

“China—The planetary configurations reveal that within a period of about one month around March, 2014….. earthquake, mining disaster….. in China is feared.” (Volume 359 of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2014).


Russia facing Serious Difficulties with US, EU and other Countries over Ukraine Crisis Foretold

In February, 2014 while the President of Ukraine was ousted through a massive revolution some armed forces reported to be Russian Special Forces began taking over the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine. Though Russia earlier denied any involvement of Russian forces but on 17th April, 2014 Russian President Putin admitted that Russian troops were present in Crimea during the referendum. A shootout also took place in eastern Ukraine killing three people.

Several countries criticized Russia and on 28th April, 2014 Canada imposed sanctions on Russia and on 29th April, 2014 US and EU imposed sanctions while Russia accused US for Ukrain’s instability. All this caused serious pressure on Russian and Ukrainian economy also and the environments became highly explosive.

Covering Forecast

Russian Federation—Period of about one month from 30th March, 2014—Economy will be under pressure. Secret enemies within the country and from the foreign countries are likely to create much difficulties with the allies and neighbouring countries. This may also give rise to the serious violence at the borders. Serious misunderstanding in diplomatic activities is feared. Violence and attacks on important authorities etc are also feared.” (Volume 359 of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2014).

Setback to Sharad Pawar in Career Foretold

On 21st March, 2014 Sharad Pawar received a severe setback when his party NCP’s member Fulchand Karad, who contested the Assembly election against Munde, left NCP and joined BJP. This was a second severe blow to Sharad Pawar after his party legislator Sanjay Kaka Patil joined BJP in February, 2014.

This bad period for Sharad Pawar in which he received these setbacks in his career was predicted and uploaded on the “Baba Ji” website

Covering Forecast

“For example in case of…… Sharad Pawar despite their exalted horoscopes they may receive a major setback in regard to their health and career between 25th November, 2013 and 6th July, 2014” (Prediction uploaded on the website on 16th November, 2013).

Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan

Editor “Baba Ji”