Despite Alarming Bells repeatedly rang well before time by the “Baba Ji” Huge Loss of Life and Territory was suffered by China through Earthquake on 3rd August, 2014

In Volume 362 of the “Baba Ji” released on 10th July, 2014 and copyrighted on 14th July, 2014 the first prediction recorded was as under:—


“China-The planetary configurations reveal that within a period of about one month from 27th July, 2014 weather and nature will be highly unkind. A devastating earthquake is feared.” (Volume 362 o fthe “Baba Ji” released on 10th July, 2014).

In fact, in the Annual Number 2014 (Volume 359) of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2014 a huge territorial loss through tragic earthquake or some other calamity in China was foreseen and the following prediction was recorded eight months before with a hope that the disaster managements, other authorities and the people can be warned and some adequate measures can be taken in time to prevent or reduce the expected loss:—


“China—The plentary configurations reveal that within about one month...... from 27th July, 2014 earthquake, mining disaster and unkind nature and weather, heavy loss to buildings and territory in China is feared besides loss of life through diseases and epidemics.” (Volume 359 of the “Baba Ji” released on 6th January, 2013).

Huge devastation was caused by the deadly earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale occurred on 3rd August, 2014 in China’s Yunnan province. An estimated 12000 houses collapsed and some 30,000 were damaged. At least 381 people were killed in the tragedy and over 1800 were injured.

Besides earthquake typhoon, heavy rains, floods and other calamities also caused heavy damage and losses in China during the period expected in the Prediction.

The scanned copy of this copyrighted Volume was sent to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on 2nd August, 2014.

Despite alarming bells repeatedly rang by the “Baba Ji” well before time such a huge loss or life and territory was caused.

In several issues of the “Baba Ji” we had requested the countries that wherever I predicted the earthquake further details required in the context of the prediction can be obtained free of cost.

In the case of the biggest earthquake occurred in China in 2008 we had repeatedly brought to the notice of China and its authorities and it was also recorded how these earthquakes are caused and these can be predicted but such losses are occurring again and again because the earthquake scientists are not taking the impact of the planetary configurations into account and as such they have failed miserably to predict even one earthquake whereas in the “Baba Ji” over 3000 such earthquakes and calamities have been predicted and the system how these can be correctly predicted has been explained in detail in my book “Predicting Earthquakes and Calamities” published in July, 2003 and the book has been placed in several Parliaments in the world including in India. It is highly regrettable that preventable losses are recurring repeatedly despite the fact that we can know it before hand and remedy it besides reducing the loss through disaster.

The former President of India Gaini Zail Singh, on account of such predictions, awarded the title of Jyotish Samrat (Emperor of Astrology).

Details of the recent important tragic calamities etc all over the world including China which have come absolutely true can be seen free of cost at our website



Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan

Editor “Baba Ji”


Updated on 4th August, 2014