Bloodshed Around the World Feared

Excruciating violence and heavy casualties including those of common people and Govt authorities are feared in the following countries in a period of about one month from 6th August, 2013.

Iran         UAE         India         Pakistan

USA         China         Philippines         Japan

United Kingdom         South Africa         Greece         Hungary

Bangladesh         Egypt         Israel         Turkey

Mexico         Iraq         Afghanistan         Australia

Bulgaria         France         Belgium         Indonesia

Cuba         Sri Lanka         Israel         Brazil

Canada         Spain         Portugal         Libya


In the countries where the following prayers are performed according to their faith daily the losses are likely to be reduced.

Prayer from Sri Ramacharitmanasa

Glory, all glory to You, O Lord of immortals. O delight of the devotees, O protector of the suppliant, O benefactor of cows and the Brahmans, O slayer of demons, O beloved consort of Laksmi, glory to You. O guardian of gods and the earth, mysterious are Thy ways: their secret is known to none. Let Him who is benevolent by nature and compassionate to the humble show His grace. Glory, all glory to the immortal Lord Mukunda (the bestower of salvation and love), who resides in all hearts, is supreme bliss personified, who is omnipresent, unknowable, and supersensuous, whose acts are holy and who is beyond the veil of illusion. Glory to Him who is Truth, Consciousness and Bliss combined, who is most lovingly meditated upon day and night and whose praises are sung by multitudes of sages who are full of dispassion and entirely free from infatuation. Let the Slayer of the sinful Agha bestow His care on us,—He who brought forth the threefold creation (viz., that which is dominated by Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, viz., gods, men and demons) without anyone else to assist Him; we know neither devotion nor worship. He who disperses the fear of transmigration, delights the mind of sages and puts an end to hosts of calamities, we betake ourselves to Him in thought, word and deed, giving up our wonted cleverness. The Lord, who is known neither to Sarada (the goddess of learning), nor to the Vedas, nor again to Sesa (the serpent-god), nor to any of the sages, who as the Vedas proclaim loves the lowly, let Him be moved to pity. The sages, Siddhas (a class of celestials naturally endowed with supernatural powers) and all gods, grievously stricken with fear, bow at the lotus feet of the Lord who serves as Mount Mandara for churning the ocean of worldly existence, who is charming in every way, who is an abode of virtues and an embodiment of bliss.

In the countries where the Hanuman Chalisa is recited at least 108 times with faith the losses are likely to be much reduced.

Iran         UAE         Israel         Turkey

Mexico         Brazil         USA         Afghanistan

China         Colombia         New Zealand         Fiji

Sudan         Kenya         Nigeria         South Korea

North Korea         Malaysia         Thailand         Kuwait

Venezuela         Singapore         Norway         Haiti

Myanmar         Somalia         Ukraine         Ethiopia


Om Tat Sat

Lachhman Das Madan