Remedies to Prevent Malefic Planetary Impacts

Anupam Shobha


A mantra is a sacred word or words. It is a mystic sound-symbol of God, and is defined as that by meditating on which a person acquires freedom from sin, enjoyment of heaven and liberation, and by the aid of which he attains the four aims of life namely Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. ‘Mantra is so called because it is achieved by mental process.’ Man of mantra is the first syllable of manana (thinking) and tra is the first syllable of trana (liberation from the bondages of the phenomenal world). By combining these syllables the world mantra is said to be formed, it being that which 'calls forth' (amantrana) the four aims of life. It was not invented but discovered in ancient India by the rishis, the men of God, in a state of superconsciousness.

The four aims of life are dharma, artha, kama and moksha. Dharma is the ethical and spiritual basis of life and in its light one should earn artha (wealth) and seek the fulfilment of desires (Kama). A life thus lived in the light of dharma will lead to moksha (Liberation).

Mantra also means 'that which protects'. It serves as a subtle means of protecting man from physical mental, moral and spiritual dangers, It can protect not only the individual but also the community. In times of fear from pestilential diseases or alarm caused by impending natural cataclysms, a whole village or town sits and invokes divine aid by repeating a mantra.

There are constructive, helpful mantras and also destructive, harmful ones. Some are conducive to health, mental concentration and moral well-being.

We are therefore concerned with those great and spiritualizing mantras that gave illumination and peace purify body and mind.

The mantras, concentration, devotion etc are very superior efforts for achieving the desired results.

The planets orbiting the Zodiac comprising the 12 Rashis (Signs) are also propitiated by reciting certain mantras.

Some of the mantras are in sanskrit, some in hindi, some in urdu, some are big and some are small. One can call water or Pani or Ahb, and so on and so forth—the meaning is the same in all cases. So we may propitiate the planet by any relevant name discovered by Rashis, it will meet the requirements.

In this article we give the mantras which the experience has proved it as the most effective and easy to recite.

These mantras are:—


These specific mantras regulate the influence of the particular planets. The following mantras—one makes healthier by preventing evil influence of planets on health and the others make wealthier and give abounding domestic happiness etc are really very useful. These mantras are:—


In case there is delay or denial in marriage due to malefic planetary influences in a girl’s horoscope the above mantra proves helpful for counteracting the malefic influences.

Procedure for Reciting Mantra

1. Select any mantra or name of God and repeat it from 108 to 1080 times daily (one to ten malas).

2. Use a Rudraksha or Tulsi mala of 108 beads.

3. Use only the middle finger and thumb of the right hand for rolling the beads. The index finger is prohibited.

4. Do not allow the mala to hang below the naval. Keep the hand near the heart or the nose.

5. The mala must not be visible to you or others. Cover it with a towel or handkerchief, which must be pure and washed daily.

6. Do not cross the Meru (crown or head) of the mala while rolling the beads. Turn back when you come up it.

7. Do mental japa for sometime. If the mind wanders take a labial japan (whispering or muttering) for sometime, or loud japa, by rotation, and come back to mental japa again as soon as possible.

8. Take a bath, or wash your hands, feet, face and mouth before sitting for japa in the morning. At other times this is not absolutely necessary. Do japa whenever you have leisure, specially during the Sandhyas or the junctions of the day (morning, noon and evening) and before going to bed.

9. Associate the japa with rhythmic breathing or Pranayama and meditate.

10. Pronounce each letter of the mantra correctly and distinctly. Do not repeat it too fast or too slow. Increase the speed only when the mind wanders.

11. Observe Mauna and avoid distractions, calls or engagements.

12. Face the East or the North and sit in a separate meditation-room or any good place, such as temple, river-bank, under a banyan tree or a peepal tree etc.

13. Do not beg of God any worldly objects while doing japa. Feel that your heart is being purified and the mind is becoming steady by the power of the mantra with the grace of God.

14. Carry on the current of japa mentally even at other times, in whatever work you may be engaged.

Appropriate timely remedies could prevent even the greatest catastrophe or reduce its adverse impact.