(The Times of India, 1st November, 2013)

Challenge from Ancient Indian wisdom Follower

I challenge the scientists that let them give a single prediction indicating what loss and where they expect loss that will be prevented or its intensity will be reduced to almost no calamity through recitation of prayers.

Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan

Editor “Baba Ji

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Half-knowledge Scientists


Ancient Indian Wisdom

Yours Destiny in 2014

Jyotish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan

Editor “Baba Ji

After the rains and flashfloods caused heavy devastation in Uttarakhand killing over 10,000 people in June, 2013 and destroying property worth thousands of crores which was earlier predicted in the issues of the “Baba Ji” “The Times of India” dated 2nd July, 2013 carried the first page top news “Rain fury coming to U'khand again.....From July 4, Very Heavy Downpour”.

Reading the above news I became worried of the expected trouble for the people of Uttarakhand and instantly started prayers to prevent or at least reduce the severity of such a situation. I also issued an appeal on the “Baba Ji” website to the people to pray for the people of Uttarakhand and also sent that appeal to several news websites.

Although in this regard an RTI application was sent to India Meteorological Department for daily rainfall data of Uttarakhand from 14th June to 9th July, 2013 but the reply did not come. However, the utility of prayers can be seen from the results. The intensity of rains was reduced from 4th to 7th July, 2013 and only 3 people were killed during this period as compared to thousands of people who were killed in June, 2013 rain fury as was predicted in the “Baba Ji” before the event.

Earlier the burst of ash clouds all over Europe in April, 2010 was foreseen and predicted in the following forecast in the “Baba Ji” Volume 320 released on 30th March, 2010.

“Europe Bursting—Its Spasm and Convulsions may Rock the World—Europe and certain countries around it are on the hit list of the Cosmos planning…… United Kingdom—The people in general will be in much agony on account of…… unkind nature and weather.” (Page 68 & 69 of Volume 320 of the “Baba Ji” released on 30th March, 2010).

No scientist or any other expert made such predictions and due to their ignorance the European countries suffered heavy loss of money and their people suffered much agony. All this was due to the planetary configurations which can be remedied. I assured the US President in my email of 19th April, 2010 that within 10 hours the respite will be experienced by the people in agony through prayers and within 10 hours the respite from ash clouds was experienced in European countries. An email was also received from US Vice President in this context.

In 2004 the following news was flashed in “The Hindu” newspaper.

While it was reported in the above news that Delhi lies in Zone IV of the seismic scale which means a high danger of earthquake I took it as a challenge to reduce the agony of the mankind and started prayers from 20th August, 2005 and in the  Volume 129 (Hindi) released on 15th October, 2005 assured that in the coming years I will continue with my prayers which will help in preventing the occurrence of any high intensity earthquake in Delhi or at least its impact will be reduced.

No major earthquake of significant impact occurred in Delhi after that. After some years an RTI application was sent to Indian Meteorological Department on 21st June, 2011 seeking the list of earthquakes occurred after 7th April, 2004.

The Indian Meteorological Department supplied the following list which shows that no major earthquake of high-danger occurred in Delhi since that time on account of prayers regularly organized by me. Only some tremors of low intensity occurred which had no significant impact.

Similarly on 7th September, 2011 at 23:58 hours in the night an earthquake measuring 4.3 magnitude on the Richter scale occurred in and around Delhi but no loss or casualty was reported. Such was the impact of prayers that the intensity of the earthquake which was initially reported to be as high as of 6.6 magnitude was reduced to 4.3 and the earthquake passed off without causing any loss.

In this context the priest of Mayapuri Mata Mandir also wrote the following letter:-


Year 2014 offers a wonderful opportunity to prove that “Man is the Architect of One’s Destiny”

To check my theory “Man is the Architect of One’s Destiny” I organized Gayatri Mantra in several cases and found that they have surmounted the difficulties. The planetary configurations from 25th November, 2013 to the end of 2014 are creating such an atmosphere that even in the cases of most exalted horoscope unusual troubles are likely to crop up and cause much agony and losses. This is a year when people should concentrate on the prayers particularly the Gaytri Mantra to escape such awkward developments which may not be expected in some very exalted horoscopes. For example in case of Sushil Kumar Shinde and Sharad Pawar despite their exalted horoscopes they may receive a major setback in regard to their health and career between 25th November, 2013 and 6th July, 2014. They may also escape this disaster if they themselves recite Gayatri Mantra 1080 times everyday in the morning.

The period from 26th November, 2013 to end of December, 2014 has some very strange configurations which are expected to create grave developments in the personal life of the people. In fact, this is the time when people can realize that through recitation of Gayatri Mantra one can escape most disastrous influences of the malefic planetary configurations and optimize the benefic influences or the good impact of the benefic planetary configurations.

During the year 2014 the planetary configurations will change their impact from bad to worst and from worst to excellent. It is the year where the malefic influences can be prevented to a great extent and the impact of the good planets will become more beneficial to improve their environments despite some very adverse impact of the malefic influences occurring simultaneously.

The year 2014 has the potency to improve India’s ranking in the world affairs to a significant height. By reciting the Gayatri Mantra by its people India will achieve the expected success during 2014 and help the rejuvenation of the mankind all over the world.

For predicting earthquakes and other calamities Govts have made very costly arrangements for the last 400 years. So far they have not been able to make any correct prediction of any earthquake or calamity. They depend on their own new theories but do not take into account the theories of Ancient Indian Wisdom based on planetary configurations. They only consider their theories which have not produced any useful result. It will not be wrong so say they are half-knowledge scientists. For the last 50 years I have been pursuing them to take Ancient Indian Wisdom into their account. They have ignored my request and, therefore, they are a complete failure in this context. Many attempts have been made by the half-knowledge scientists in this context. I offer my apologies to call them half-knowledge scientists.

In this context the following news appeared on the newspaper is reproduced below:-

They have accepted their defeat and have made no further progress since 2003 when the above defeat was accepted whereas the predictions made in the “Baba Ji” particularly about all calamities and other events occurred stand recorded in the “Baba Ji”. All these are based on the Ancient Wisdom.

Now the scientists have made the following claim:-

“Religious rites turning heat on Himalayan glaciers—Holy smoke rising from Hindu funeral pyres, Muslim cemeteries and Buddhist temples are responsible for almost a quarter of the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming on the Indian subcontinent and the melting of the Himalayan glaciers, a new study has claimed”. (Times of India dated 1st November, 2013).

I challenge the scientists that let them give a single prediction indicating what loss and where they expect loss that will be prevented or its intensity will be reduced to almost no calamity through recitation of prayers. This prediction should not be that what has already been predicted by me. It should be their prediction. I will like to prove the powers of prayers vis a vis their costly disaster management affairs. I do not underrate their disaster management affairs. They are useful but do not serve their purpose without the element of prayers which they are trying to ridicule and call these efforts harmful.

In fact, 2014 is horrible and difficulties in day-to-day life throughout the year may crop up. The remedy lies in reciting Gayatri Mantra 216 times regularly everyday without missing a day. In case of serious difficulties they can get my advice free of cost what additional care need to be taken in each case. While making their request they should indicate the date, time and place of birth and the difficulties they will be experiencing. I will guide them how the religious rites are helpful to the mankind whereas the half-knowledge scientists are trying to prevent the right process which is helpful to the mankind and this can increase the difficulties and troubles for sake of getting some prizes from Nobel Foundation and other similar Institutions. The remedies lie in prayers and not preventing religious rites and prayers inherited by the world from Ancient Wisdom.

In fact, in 1990 the expected difficulties had been foretold in my book “Astrological Predictions for the Major Countries of the World, The Next Twenty Years—1990-2010” and in 2003 in Volume 100 in which India’s future for the next 100 years was foretold. The difficulties foretold in the above books have so far come true. In my book “Astrological Predictions for the Major Countries of the World, The Next Twenty Years—1990-2010” the failure of communism and capitalism and change in the political system was clearly foretold in the following forecast:

“Prediction No. 1605: It will be fully realized that neither communism nor capitalism will answer the need. A new type of political-economic-socio system will steadily develop. It will not be fully comprehended in 20th century. It will perhaps take a shape after 2000. In the last decade of 20th century there will be some indications about it.” (Page No. 295 & 295).

The foreword of this book was written by Shri R.S. Pathak, former Chief Justice of India and former judge of the International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands.

In the last lines of the foreword Justice R.S. Pathak had requested the people to check up the predictions with the future events and see their accuracy.

Now the administrators and the scientists should check up themselves the predictions with the events occurred and see their accuracy and gather courage to overcome the adverse impact of malefic planets rather than be befooled by the sudden research illustrations being given by the present scientists who do not take into account the impact of the planetary configurations.

In August, 2006 the Pluto was removed from group of planets in the solar system by the Assembly of the International Astronomical Union’ world’s top astronomical body and I published the following article against it in Volume 277 released on 31st August, 2006.

 Pluto is Out or Striking

 The most remote known planet of the solar system, Pluto, discovered in 1930, having a diameter of no greater than 4,000 miles with a mean distance from the Sun of 3,670 million miles has been removed from group of planets in the solar system by the Assembly of the International Astronomical Union’ world’s top astronomical body.

The astronomers contended that the ninth rock from the Sun never deserved to be a full planet. The other reasons for its removal were its tiny size and highly eccentric orbit. Now according to the astronomers there will be only eight planets in the solar system.

Astronomers are not astrologers. The astronomers believe that they are the scientists as astronomy is the science that includes the study of the universe beyond the earth and all that it contains. The astronomer seeks to understand the nature of objects, he observes in the universe and to explain the events taking place there. They also study the accurate measurement of the position of celestial objects. They also study the methodology of measuring the intensity of radiation from a celestial sources. They also study the radiative output of a celestial source in more details.

Astronomer studies the solar system for understanding its radiative impact on the universe. While removing Pluto from the solar system they have not taken into account the radiative impact the Pluto is creating on the earth because their studies are confined to the universe beyond the earth and all that it contains.

Astronomer does not study when an earthquake will take place and where, how the climate will change, which influences from the planets will regulate the human behaviour and in which manner. This is a part of the study of astrology.

Astronomy does not study the regulatory impact of the heliocentric planetary Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) because these are the points where two planetary orbits, intersect, considered from the view point of the Moon. The heliocentric north Node of Moon is always opposite to its heliocentric south Node. These are heliocentric points with no celestial bodies, no size and rather no existence.

The western astrologers and the astronomers do not name these Nodes as planets. In fact, each planet has Nodes but the Moon Nodes play more powerful role and the vedic astrology has always taken these Nodes as planets. Powerful position of Nodes in the horoscope raises a person to sky high. Almost all important leaders and administrators have these Nodes in a most powerful position.

The astrology is defined as the study of position of the planets in the belief that they influence human affairs.

In 1981 I started the monthly magazine on Astrology. In this magazine the predictions are made about the world mundane affairs and in the following issues the accuracy of the prediction is reviewed. So far over one lakh predictions made therein have been fulfilled which include about 600 earthquakes and other calamities occurred in the various countries of the world.

The object of this exercise was to establish scientific character of the astrology which has been fully established.

Astrology is the perfect science and even more important than any other science. With the complementary impact from the astrology each science can become more useful and helpful.

Astrology is now taught at university level all over the country. It is not limited to study of the movements of planets but it gives forecasts on the basis of the planetary influences from the cosmos. The forecasts give before the events complete picture of the atmospheric changes, changes in the behaviour of man, changes in the social, economic and political life of man, mankind and above all forecasts about entire mundane affairs of the world.

In this context the Pluto which is a part of the solar system plays an important role as any other planet. The Nodes are also very important in processing the impact of the solar system on the man and the earth.

The decision taken by some astronomers in removing Pluto is erratic. Astrologer is not concerned with the size of the Pluto but according to the available information there is not much difference in the sizes of Pluto and Mars. Astrologer knows  that Pluto is more powerful, charismatic and devastating than the Mars. I have described the principles of analyzing the impact of Pluto on mundane affairs in my book “Predicting Earthquakes & Calamities”. So far the earthquake scientists have not been able to predict even one earthquake before it occurs after their costly and intensive study of their system. They cannot predict it unless they really lean on the solar system and its study according to the principles of astrology.

Another reason which was used to ouster Pluto was its highly eccentric orbit. Normally Mars stay in one sign for about five to six weeks but in several years it stays for more than 7 to 8 months in one sign. Instead of five to six weeks it may stay in Gemini sign for about seven months in 2007, 8 months in Cancer from 2008 and 8 months in Leo from 2011 and so on and so forth.


On account of malefic influence of Pluto over Haiti for the year 2010 the following prediction was made for about devastation in Haiti just on the commencement of the year 2010:

As predicted Pluto devastated Haiti within the predicted time but these half-knowledge scientists are befooling the world.

Hats off to US President Barack Obama who cancelled NASA’s Moon programme in February, 2010 saving billions of dollars and used it for other economic plannings.

Rise up now and protect yourself from the expected difficulties during 2014 immediately by reciting Gayatri Mantra.